About Us

If you love good food and special treats, you simply have to visit The Smiling Oven.

At The Smiling Oven’s latest initiative the Kitchen Kafé, patrons also have the opportunity to sit back and relax in style while enjoying the wide variety of scrumptious dishes and light meals on the Kafé menu.

Starting work very early each morning, some team members specialize in cakes while others excel in making pastries. The administrative team also plays a vital role, ensuring that the bakery and home industry’s shelves are loaded with treats and baked goods. Some of these kitchen staff members have been working for more than 16 years, contributing to The Smiling Oven’s smooth operation.

The Smiling Oven not only sells cooked food, cakes, pies, savories, sandwiches, and other treats to the public but also provides cakes and other baked goods to several other shops and home industries in and around the Helderberg area.